Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday . . .

As I write, I am snuggled under a blanket . . . it is COLD outside . . . 34 degrees now and will drop to 27 through the night. I am so thankful for a nice warm home!

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Feast Day at school ~~~~ I have FOUR little Indians to get ready in the morning. It is a custom to either dress as a Pilgrim or Indian for the Thanksgiving Feast Day. The boys can hardly wait . . . I hope they sleep tonight!

This morning I was on my way to work . . . Beckett was in her usual spot up by my left shoulder . . . I took this photo:

Isn't she a doll?
I worked on my Christmas cards . . . photos. I was totally blank for a "great" idea for the setting, so I used an old stand by . . . the stairway.
Our Beautiful Katelyn holding Mia our almost five year old Mi-Ki

Our handsome Ryan holding little Beckett our 7 month old Mi-Ki

Our handsome Cameron holding Emma our 8 year old Lhasa Apso

Our handsome EJ (who likes to be called his full name ~~ Evan James) is holding Beckett.

Our handsome, but goofy Cody also holding Beckett
How about one with the brothers? Cody asked.
So, here you are . . . one with two of the brothers and Beckett.


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