Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tonight we are gathered in our Family room watching a Christmas Carole  . . . . the newest one with Jim Carey as Ebenezer. Amazing! The boys are quiet except for a few ewes and ahhhhhs here and there. This begins our Christmas movie extravaganza which consists of a Christmas or holiday type movie each night. We have so many favorites!

My camera has been busy . . .

The day after Thanksgiving with Uncle Sam . . . at our house.

Randy is working on the solution to "solitaire" it is kind of hard.

 Cody and EJ are playing the Lego Pyramid game.

EJ is not a happy opponent. 

Close your eyes EJ . . . no peeking!

 Ryan decided to watch the game.

 Emma is wearing her new Angry Birds sweater.

 Mia in her Angry birds sweater.
Today is Mia's Birthday, she is five!

Beckett is a bit upset with me. I tried putting her Angry Bird sweater on her and it didn't fit. I put her second sweater on her and she pouted. It was hysterical!

Today I worked on laundry . . . I was a bit behind with the holiday and all. I am down to a towel load and a blanket load. I feel pretty good about getting it done that far.

Although Thanksgiving 2011 is now a memory, my heart remains Thankful! I am Thankful to God for my sweet family! I am thoroughly blessed indeed! I am Thankful for my WONDERFUL husband Randy . . . even though he gave me a "Christmas goose" yesterday! lol I am Thankful for my children . . . they make my life crazy and thoroughly Blessed! For my Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brother and their families . . . it is amazing when we all get together! For Uncle Sam . . . he is a true delight and we love him so much! For my furry babies and their sweetness plus kisses!

Tonight as we watch the Jim Carey version of the Christmas Carole, I am thankful for the lesson it teaches! I am very excited for the next month of movies  . . .   reflection and fun a tradition at our house.


Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun filled holiday :) Where did you get the angry birds sweater?

Mimi said...

You are so blessed to have your extended family members near!
The boys are just getting cuter as they grow. Great smiles! Happy Sunday, Julie.

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