Friday, November 4, 2011


Tonight the house smells of menthol . . . Katelyn has located the Vicks Vapo Rub. She has had a bit of a rough day as she has coughed so much, her ribs hurt. She continues on with her antibiotic but is finished with the steroid. Tonight she had about an hour that she was running a low grade temp, but it is now gone and I hope it does not return. This pneumonia business is awful! Please continue to pray for her.

Tomorrow morning I am hosting my very first Shutterfly Party. We will have a great time of chit chat, talking over this and that about Shutterfly and I will help my guests with making a FREE Shutterfly Photo book. I am a bit excited and hope all goes well.

The house is dark and everyone is in bed . . . it is amazing . . . the quietness. I hear the drip, drip of the humidifier Katelyn has next to her as she sleeps on the sofa. The tick tock of the grandfather clock and the click, click, click of my nails as I type this post. No running, yelling, giggling, tattling . . . simply quiet.

I have FINALLY reached 800 of my One Thousand Gifts list. I really didn't think it would take me this long to actually have this many . . . I have less than two months now to finish the list of 1,000. Once 2012 begins, I will begin a new list and incorporate all gifts, blessings and thankfulness for each of the members of our immediate family.  I really don't think any of us are quite Thankful enough! There are times I know that I do my share and then some in the grumble department. If only we chose to give THANKS instead of Grumble . . . we could change the world, ONE THANKS at a time!

Now, I leave you and myself too a challenge . . . over the weekend, deliberately choose to be Thankful . . . when you feel like grumbling, say something your are thankful for instead. I would love it if you shared your experience!

Love you all . . . g'night

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Mimi said...

Poor Katelyn. I am praying for her.
I am thankful for my family and am ready for a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy your little guys, your beautiful daughter and your sweet husband this weekend!

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