Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We have had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday . . . we actually celebrated two days in a row. Today's post will be Thanksgiving Day . . . Pictures!

Dad found his "spot" in the living room.

Thanksgiving Feast preparations were in full swing!

Randy and Beckett were chilling out with Grandpa.

 Eric and Lucy


 Shame on You Uncle Eric . . . giving Katelyn bunny ears!

Getting in a family circle for prayer.

 after dinner relaxing
 Randy and Beckett after dinner.
 a beautiful sign over Janeie's stairway
 Cameron and Alyson playing air hockey
 Cody is surfing on the gamer chair, Ryan, EJ and Jenna
 Kendra . . . chilling out
 Katelyn Grandpa and Beckett

 Grandpa and Lucy



 Jenna is posing . . . I know, goofy huh?

 Alyson and Jenna

 Jenna, Ryan and Alyson

 Jenna and Lucy

 Jenna and Mia

 Ryan, Alyson, Jenna and Beckett

Lucy still isn't sure about Little Beckett!

We had a really great Thanksgiving!!!

How was yours?

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