Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recap of today

The night has come once again . . . I cannot believe how quickly the sun goes down at this time of year! The time always seems so much later than it actually is . . . the boys were even remarking about it tonight.

Tonight the winds are blowing and we have a wind advisory until tomorrow evening with gusts up to 45 mph. Hang on to your children and small animals if you venture out.

This afternoon Cody was invited to a birthday party for one of his classmates. Generally, we aren't very comfortable in letting him attend due to his severe peanut allergy but the Birthday Boy's Mom is also a teacher and is very aware of peanut allergy issues. W goes to the end of the earth and back to ensure Cody is safe and not exposed to his life threatening allergies. Cody and the other children had a BLAST! The theme of the party was Lego Star Wars . . . and the kids were asked to bring their light sabors if they had one and they did! Imagine 10 plus little boys all running around the back yard with light sabors flying! The boys were reminded the sabors were only to hit other sabors! Of course, there were a few minor injuries (little knuckles + sabors = ouch) but for the most part all was great fun. The kids played a few games, had ice cream, Lego cake and YODA Soda . . . it was a scream! The boys LOVED every second and I am thrilled Cody was able to take part in the party!

Cody and I returned home after the party and the house was quiet. The boys were all chilled out watching a movie and Randy was enjoying the quiet. Katelyn was holding lil' Beckett and I was quickly informed I had one VERY upset puppy when I left. Apparently, Beckett cried and cried because I had left her home. Randy heard her crying and went into the mud room to find her laying by the door crying as she waited for me to come back. (I felt really horrible.) So, needless to say . . . my little fur ball has been stuck to me like glue since I have been home.

Tomorrow we will gather with my sisters and families, brother and family, Mom and Dad to celebrate Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary that was September 23. It is so hard to get everyone together!!! It will be an awesome time together and I can't wait!

Katelyn is doing so much better today than she had been . . . Thursday she went back in to the doc for a recheck and xray of her lungs. Doc wasn't happy with what he saw, so he doubled the antibiotic ~ two separate ones for her to take together. SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE in our girl! Randy was remarking tonight how wonderful it was to see her beautiful smile return!!! It was also nice to see Katelyn teasing her Daddy . . . things are returning to normal . . . WONDERFUL normal!

Prayer Requests and Praises:

I am a little behind on the Praises . . .

Praise God that Bruce was released from the hospital!!!

Prayer Request . . .
  • Please pray for my uncle as he battles cancer.
  • Please pray for Katelyn's continued healing.
  • Our neighbor has some health issues and is on oxygen.
Time has come for me to head off to bed . . . G'night all

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Leslie said...

So glad that Katelyn is feeling better. She has been on my prayer list. I'll keep her there as those meds seem to be working.

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