Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hi Octane . . . that is what my boys are running on today! Not sure if they will ever calm down! lolThe questions of the house this week . . .
  • how many more days until Thanksgiving?
  • when can we watch Christmas movies?
  • are these Legos gifts for Christmas?
  • can I have a snack?
  • why?
  • is it cold outside? do I need a coat?
  • a week
  • after Thanksgiving
  • yes
  • yes
  • because I am the Mom and I said so
  • yes! yes!
This coming week  . . . two eye appointments, seven hair appointment, three dog beauty appointments, Thanksgiving, stay home on Black Friday ~ from all the craziness!


This week I need to get all recipes and ingredients together for Thanksgiving and the day after. I am a bit excited about having everyone home for several days and simply enjoying one another. We have several new board and card games to learn and play as well as a new expandable Lego game the boys are anxious to play. I hope to get a ton of photos throughout the holiday.

The hour is late . . . time to say g'night.


Cindy said...

Boys, boys, boys, and boys...they just do. not. stop. :)

Natalie said...

Julie...Sorry to ask so many questions about Legos...but, which game are you referring? We have yet to buy a Lego game and I am wondering which one your boys like the best?
Thanks so much!!!

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