Monday, November 7, 2011


First I want to thank EVERYONE for their loving kindness and compassion . . . last night I was pretty down, but y'all helped me through and feel that I received a group hug!

Katelyn has remained home today . . . she has contacted her professors by email and even called in to the university. I simply do not know how she could possibly attend her classes . . . pneumonia is one stubborn illness!


I received my favorite magazine in the mail on Saturday . . . REAL SIMPLE. I have already skimmed through it, cover to cover. As is my practice, here are some of the amazing/or not so amazing tidbits I have learned from the December, 2011 issue:
  • Mistletoe will cost you $3.49 per live sprig if you order it through The mistletoe is harvested from white oak treas on farms and ranches throughout Oregon. Mistletoe bunches cling to the oaks.
  • The total number of times you'll sing "la" while singing the song "Deck the Halls".
  • The average number of "holiday decorating" injuries that land Americans in the ER . . . 5,822. 
  • Velvet headbands are a 12/11 trend . . . just for those BAD hair days.
  • The most wearable trend right now . . . Newfangled ART DECO. Jazz age flair, with ornate beading, architectural details and flirty, flapper-esque cuts.
  • You can now purchase a "Scarf on a Spool" for those teens and tweens in your life! The present is a classic; the delivery system, an innovation; the patterns, cute enough to please a range of personalities. To buy: Avoca cotton scarves, $49.00 each at
  • You can also purchase a VINTAGE style air popper . . . now there is a blast from the past! This little air popper is a Mini Retro popcorn machine . . . 17" high, $20.00 from
  • ~ crazy stuff in this store . . . Tobacco aftershave splash, Whiskey cologne and aftershave, Tobacco beard oil
  • Rogue chin hairs ladies??? I know . . . Do NOT even go there! I am with you girls . . . however, there is a product out there . . . Dermadoctor Gorilla Warfare and it contains 14 gentle botanical ingredients that help dissolve facial hair over time (the do not say how long) and slows future growth. Bonus, it doubles as a daily moisturizer. lol purchase for $50.00 at (I think I will save the $50.00 and stick with my Tweezerman tweezers!
  • This year one of the popular Christmas themes is: Exotic Over the Top Elegance . . . Peacock colors, rich patterns and feathers instead of bows.

Have you began you Christmas shopping yet? I have, but feel that I am really behind because in years past I had all of the shopping done prior to December 1. This year . . . not even close.

Better get going!

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JustJess said...


Thank you so much for your kind comment! I can't tell you what a blessing it is to connect with other adoptive moms. We are settling in for the long wait for Ethiopia and praying for our options until then. We have never considered domestic adoption but Orphan Sunday really opened our eyes to the possible reality for us. I may be asking for some advice in the future.

Thank you for your encouragement. Your family is a testament to the Lord's providence in our lives. I look forward to following you.


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