Monday, November 14, 2011


I am a bit behind in writing  . . .  the past several days have been a blur and there is still more blur to come this week! lol

First I want to THANK you all for praying for Katelyn . . . she returned to college classes today! She was thrilled that two classmates missed her and gave her hugs (both females ~ no boyfriends) lol. She had a pretty good first day back after two weeks, but was very tired tonight. She has scheduled her second semester classes and is thrilled with those choices.

You REALLY aren't going to believe this, but I am going to tell you anyway!!!! This morning, Katelyn received a telephone call from her Doctor . . . he was checking to see how she was doing and wanted her to reschedule her chest xray for this Friday as next week is a holiday week. He asked her about her cough, fever and how she was feeling. To say I was astounded is an understatement!!!

I have accomplished more Christmas Shopping . . . ONLINE! No stores, crowds or fussy people . . . that is unless I have a grumpy day and then I only have to deal with myself! I have all four of my boys D.O.N.E. and Katelyn too! My three little nieces, three tween nieces, three nephews and bitty niece all finished! I also have one set of parents bought for. I still have two teenage nieces and one teenage nephew to buy for PLUS one set of parents. Not too shabby!!!

Sunday we had a family get together at a lovely resturaunt . . . all 25 of us. Here are a few photos:

 This is my Daddy . . . doesn't he look handsome?
This is my Mom and Cody . . . Cody was trying to teach Grandma to play Angry Birds. 
 Cameron was teasing Grandpa while EJ looked on. Grandpa tends to wind them up.

This is my niece Gabrielle and my sister Jeanette. So pretty!

 Ryan made Grandma and Grandpa an Anniversary present out of Lego bricks.
It reads, "Happy Aniversery" not too bad for a fourth grader!

My beautiful Mom and my sweet little niece.

Another niece Abigail . . . holding Beckett.
Abby is Jeanette's youngest daughter and Abby looks just like her Mom did at her age.

The last picture I am going to leave you with is my sister Janeie's beautiful family . . .
and their dog Lucy . . . a.k.a. THE FREAK!
Take a look:

Lucy is one VERY LOVED Dog!


Natalie said...

oh I looooove this picture of The Goeken family!!! LUCY is a scream!!!!!!

Jeanette said...

I love the picture with Lucy! She really is a freak!

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