Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Day in Pictures

Our "pit crew" is all busy working together today . . . cleaning the house. It is a big job, so we need all hands to make a big job smaller. This is what we did today in pictures:

Laundry was one of the first things we began . . . having a washer down for two weeks really put a big kink in getting our laundry done. Cody was a big helper today with the laundry.

 He was also a big help cleaning out the cubby lockers in the mud room


While I was cleaning one of the main floor bathrooms, Emma was my constant companion. Maybe she was being the bathroom cleaning supervisor!

Cody decided to fold himself up into the laundry baskets and hide out for a while.

The laundry room was in a bit of a mess. Plenty of laundry to tend.

Little Beckett and Emma ~~~ hanging out while I took care of laundry and tidying up.

Mia watched but was NOT amused!
This was BEFORE the floors were vacuumed and mopped.

Katelyn is feeling a little better . . . she helped to tidy a bit in the kitchen.

I found Beckett under my desk while I was mopping the kitchen floor.
Beckett is a hoarder.

Then . . . lunch time.

EJ, Cody and I ran to McD's for their lunch, Katelyn had Arby's and I had a salad.

Meal time is NEVER dull!

After lunch, back to work.

Excuse the streaking on the refrigerator . . . hadn't gotten to that yet.
EJ was vacuuming the kitchen floor while I folded laundry.

Ryan was going to dust the stairs and his room when I caught him for this photo.

Just before dinner, folding more laundry,
Cameron is VERY good at laundry . . . 
EJ helped out too.

I ordered up pizza for my little work crew . . . they were THRILLED!

What did we accomplish today?

cleaned two 1/2 bathrooms and 1 full bathroom
main floor tile and hardwood ~ cleaned
laundry ~ completed . . .  until bath time
counters wiped down
wrapped a birthday present
put together two small sets of Lego Starwars
tidied the house
dusted upstairs bedrooms
dust mopped the upstairs
master bathroom floor was washed
goldfish bowl was cleaned
laundry room sink was scoured

I love that my boys are learning being taught daily how to take care of house chores.
By the time they are grown, they should be able to do their laundry and not ruin any clothing.
Keep a house/apartment/college dorm clean and tidy.
Cook a meal . . . not just take something out of a box and heat it up.

I feel like we really dug in with both feet today . . .
or should I say . . . 12 feet today

BTW . . .

Don't you just love those 12 seconds that laundry is ALL done!

Yea . . . me too!

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The Whitakers said...

Everytime I read what you all are up to it makes me smile! :) Even though you and the little men worked hard today it looks like it was fun! I love extra days off from school. Hope the rest of your weekend is peaceful and happy! Kristi :)

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