Friday, November 18, 2011

Lego Night

Friday night FINALLY arrived!!! Lego night . . . the boys were thrilled and couldn't wait.

First up . . . the Lego DVD . . . really cute.

Next, dinner . . . McD's and Arby's . . . I had a salad.

After dinner, clean up and then break out the Legos.

We had two Christmas Holiday sets to choose from . . . so we picked one and began. The first thing . . . seperate all of the bricks into colors . . . then divide up the colors.
Ryan and Cameron are already digging in. Such fun and concentration involved!
Cody's favorite part is always putting together the people.
He took his pieces to the floor to put together.

Katelyn was busy doing some homework as EJ continued to sort Legos.

The village was coming together, but the kids were dropping out one by one. Before we knew it, Katelyn, Ryan and I were the only ones left.

We finally finished and the Lego scene is adorable.


Natalie said...

This is really super cute! Can you post which set # this is?

ParkerMama said...

Right now I'm thinking Parker's wishing he lived at YOUR house. You always have such fun stuff for your kid to do!


Tammy and Parker

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