Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kids, Praise, Prayer Request and Photos of a Fallen Hero's Funeral Procession

Our house is quiet as I write, everyone but me is now in bed. It is hard to believe Wednesday is coming to a close and Thursday will arrive in a few short hours. This week has been challenging, but we are making it through.

Cody went back to school today and did well . . . he did fall asleep tonight while trying to get his "makeup school work" done. Bless his little heart. He became a bit upset when Katelyn woke him and told him to head up to bed because he didn't get his papers finished. My heart was so touched at his dedication to his schooling.

Katelyn seems to be getting better slowly . . . she tires extremely easy and continues to battle a bad cough.  There is no possible way she could have attended school this week. I pray she will be well enough to head back next week. She will simply have to take it day by day and for only as long as she can handle.

The other three boys seem to be doing well. I just pray neither of them come down with more illness.


I have a Praise to pass along . . .

Bruce is out of ICU and into a regular hospital room. He was able to eat a meal and sit up in a chair! 

Continue to Pray:

For little Kate McRae . . . she has her next MRI scan in two weeks. Please pray for the family and little Kate as they wait. Also pray for complete healing for little Kate.

Pray for Anonymous . . . battling cancer and receiving chemo treatments. The treatments are tough and the effects are taking their toll. Pray for strength, healing and peace.

I received an email today concerning one of our children we support in El Salvador through Compassion. Little Jonatan's area has had much flooding and mudslides that has destroyed homes, buildings and more. These people are struggling already and the latest devastation has to be almost more than they can handle. Pray for these people and little Jonatan.

Please continue to pray for our local HERO . . . Lance Corporal Jordan Bastean's family and friends. Jordan was killed in action in Afghanistan and buried today.

After I took the kids to school and made a few other stops, I headed home. On my way home I passed an elderly man in a wheelchair and he was proudly holding an American Flag in honor of Lance Corporal Jordan Bastean. It really touched my heart . . . It was really chilly here this morning and this old fella was showing his support for our Hero! 

Here are other photos of our community honoring one of its Fallen . . .

School children lined the streets, people pulled over to the side of the road, stood and waited for the funeral procession to pass.

I did not take the photos above, but were through a friends friend on Facebook.

I am thankful tonight for Our Country and the Freedom we have. I am thankful for those men and women who fought and gave the right of Freedom to each of us.

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Patrice said...

Very touching photos.

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