Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am sure you all of you Mom's can relate . . . you are sick for a week and the house absolutely shows it. Well although we tried to take care of things on Saturday, I still had much to do today. I am quite relieved no one made a quick stop off at my house!

Two cups of coffee began may day . . . after the boys were at school and then I dug in. First stop . . . the laundry ~ sort and start loads. After the washers were humming along, I headed upstairs to the master bedroom where I had dust bunnies stage a revolt! I am NOT kidding! Saturday my troops were upstairs and I was told everything had been dust mopped. Hmmmmmm from what I ran into this morning ~~~ not so much. I immediately began:

  • stripped the bed
  • dusted the furniture
  • tidied up
  • dust mopped under the furniture
  • dusted baseboards
  • took apart a race track that had been built in our sitting room ~ mater and lightning mcqueen were all set up in radiator springs right in my sitting room. The race track is now back in the boys' room.
  • took care of coffee mugs
  • wiped the counters in the sitting room/a.m. kitchen
  • wiped the tv down ~ little bitty finger prints were plentiful
  • made up the bed
  • found tons of little toys ~ hot wheel cars and legos to open my own little lego store
Lunch time . . . 

I decided after lunch to lay down a little while and before I knew it ~ time to pick up the boys. Once home I had more to tend to:
  • unload dishwashers
  • wipe kitchen counters
  • unload and reload washers/dryers
  • tidy my desk
  • go through the mail
Tonight I still have more to finish up . . . 
  • clean the master bathroom
  • dust the upstairs hall
  • laundry
Thursday I will be going to the school for the kids' Thanksgiving Feast . . . so I really need to get things taken care of tonight or I will REALLY be behind.

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