Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dreary, but Accomplished

It is 1:18 p.m. and I have just finished lunch . . . The turkey is still yummy!

Randy just walked in on Katelyn in the bathroom . . . she is now complaining that she cannot have any privacy. Yes, the door was shut, but not locked. Hmmmm, Welcome to my World!!! lol

Our day has been busy . . . plenty to catch up on since the Thanksgiving holiday. I FINALLY have laundry almost tackled! Don't tell my family . . . the last load of laundry is washing!!! It felt WONDERFUL to throw in that last load!

The hard floors have all been scrubbed with our floor scrubber, the hardwood floors have been wiped (main floor only . . . ). The main floor bathrooms have been cleaned and I tightened up a toilet seat that shifted when anyone sat on it. A shifting seat can really get your attention!

Dishes are done, counters have been wiped, my desk has been tidied, the pantry has been tidied after our order was unpacked.

The kids are now playing with Lego. They are really into the games now!

We will be putting in a Christmas movie a bit later today . . . the boys are excited . . . as am I.

Ryan's bedroom continues to look like a meteor hit it . . . definitely at tornado or maybe even a hurricane. Needless to say we continue to insist he clean it himself . . . I have cleaned it multiple times so Randy has insisted I not intervene this time.

I have Christmas cards all in envelopes waiting to be addressed and sent out. I am saving that job for Tuesday as I will be home. If you want a Christmas card, please email me your address or leave it in the comment section! Each card has pictures of my kiddos and they would be great to place outside in your garage to scare away mice! lol

The temperature has turned cold and we were supposed to have had snow last night. Of course, the weather peeps were wrong again. The kids were sad and I was a bit too.

The kids are fussing with one another, so I must close for now.

Enjoy the remainder of the day.


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