Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a Day Off?

This morning Cody was in a horrible mood and would not cooperate . . . at all! Please say a prayer for his teacher Mrs. S as I am certain he is going to have a bad day. It is never a good sign when we have trouble getting him out of bed and then he won't get dressed. The house is finally quiet . . . too much rukus this morning with the boys' nonsense.

I am home this morning as I went in to the office a short time yesterday and finished up any/all paperwork. I am going to stay home today and enjoy a little solitude . . . my furry babes are at beauty today, the boys will be at school and Katelyn will be headed into classes a bit later.

Katelyn has had many compliments on her art at the university. She is wowing the professors with her realistic drawings and has received a bit of praise! I am thrilled for her and she is absolutely thriving! Each new assignment opens her up a teeny bit further in her knowledge and abilities. I am praising God for his mercies as far as college is concerned! Katelyn has always attended Christian School, so a secular college is a bit different than she is used to.

I have a very special prayer request . . . one that has been weighing heavy on my heart and soul. Although I cannot explain the situation, but I ask you to pray . . . God knows and understands the request and I am certain He will answer . . . although the answer may not be what I would choose, I know He has a special reason for His choice of answer.

We have yet to put up our Christmas tree. I need to take the time to sort through 29 years of Christmas ornaments, decor and all that has accumulated. Purge and downsize is the goal. We have a few Christmas items out . . . the kids are loving that Max (the Elf on the Shelf) has returned.

Here is Max just hangin' around!


Remember that lil' Lego village we painstakingly put together as a family???

Well, it appears Santa's Village has had a hurricane . . . or maybe it was a tornado!

Guess I will have to get the books out again to fix it!

so much for a day off!

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