Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful!

Little boys with fresh haircuts . . . Puppies with sweet kisses and happy tails . . . my smiley girl with her new sassy hair style . . . Life's sweet and special moments . . . one word THANKFUL . . . or maybe one more word . . . BLESSED.

I am both Thankful and Blessed . . . no, things don't always go the way I think they should or want them to be, but I am Thankful and Blessed.

If you are reading this, you can be thankful too . . . God gave each of us another day to enjoy our family, another day to show others the Love of Jesus, another day to be a blessing to someone, another day to experience the love of a child.

There are hard days in the life of an adult . . . today as I sat waiting for an appointment, I watched people . . . a lot of people. People never cease to amaze me . . . people from all walks of life fighting horrible disease . . . it doesn't matter where they came from or where they have been. It doesn't matter what they have ór haven't accomplished in life . . . not one person, regardless of race, social or financial status can guarantee a life free of life threatening disease. Many of the people displayed smiles, while others were worn out. Some of the people stayed quiet to themselves and others chatted quietly. Life is hard . . . life is uncertain.

Tonight as I think of the little bitty children that are struggling with illness. My heart is heavy . . . so many families are burdened and giving their all for their children in hopes of complete healing. As the holidays approach, I urge you to pray for the many children suffering from childhood cancer and other horrific disease.

This Thanksgiving, take time to enjoy your family . . . your husband/wife, children, grand children, nieces, nephews, moms and dads. Take the time to Thank God for blessing you and yours . . .  Enjoy each moment, each little mess your children make, all of the dirty dishes . . .

 . . . be Thankful . . . be Thankful  . . . be Thankful!

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