Saturday, October 29, 2011


The smallest child in our home has decided today is a good day to rebel. He is unhappy . . . life isn't fair and he didn't get his way . . . daddy had some errands to run and didn't take him. Insert whiny, grumpy, fussy child here.

Our newer front load washing machine has a tear in the seal . . . apparently some laundry, most likely jeans go caught in the door by some unsuspecting laundry lady and the zipper ripped the seal. So, it is out of commission until the seal comes in . . . estimated time of repair ~ two weeks. Praise God we have TWO
washers! Anyway, Randy told me he needed the extended warranty before he could call for the repair . . . so I grabbed the file tote box and looked in the warranty papers. Well, the year we bought the washer I didn't have a separate warranty file, so I had to look in the year we purchased the washer. After looking through 2011, 2010, 2009 ~ just in case we transferred the warranty to one of those boxes . . . I asked Randy if he remembered what year we purchased the washer . . . 2008. Plus he added . . . it was in a blue envelope that had all the papers and the sales lady's business card in it. Hmmmmmm, I thought . . . and grumbled a bit. How in the world can he remember the year, color of the envelope, what the envelope contained and remember the business card as well? I was grumbling along when . . . there IT was . . . just as he described . . . CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Just after I told Katelyn . . . "You are NOT going to believe THIS!" Randy walked in the door. I took one look at him and said, "I just don't get it! You cannot remember where you put your phone, keys or what you wore yesterday, but you remember all of the information concerning the washer we purchased in 2008! He simply chuckled and went on his way. I suppose I should learn something from this little episode . . .  what do you think? lol

Since the file boxes were out, I took time to file papers that seem to grow constantly . . . seems like I just filed them all. Sheesh! EJ and Cameron both helped me at one time or another. I was grateful! After the papers were filed, I cleaned out two desk drawers and one of the upright cabinets of the desk as well.

Now, I should get to figuring out dinner . . . those boys will be asking what is for dinner soon!

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