Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tonight and Prayer Requests

The temperature in our little neck of the woods has dropped . . . and baby it is quite chilly out there! I am thankful for a warm home . . . we are blessed!

This afternoon when the kids got home from schooll, the smell of Italian meatballs immediately caught their attention. "I smell GARLIC" were the first words out of their mouths! The boys were thrilled that we were having Italian Meatballs for dinner. They could hardly wait. Before long, Daddy was home . . . so dinner was served. They ate and ate and ate . . . it makes this momma smile!  Cooked apples alamode was served for dessert . . . the giggles and then quiet were fun to listen too . . . it was quiet when their mouths were full.

Our evening was fairly quiet after dinner . . . the kids all hung out doing their own thing.

Now, as I write the boys are in bed, the furry ones are also asleep, Katelyn and I are watching Sweet Genius. Interesting people and desserts. A guy actually hacked apart a Bonsai tree for his dessert . . . definitely NOT Sweet Genius!


Tonight so many people are hurting . . . sick . . . lonely  . . . there are so many prayer requests on my mind for others.

Please Pray for:
  • Bruce . . . he is battling cancer and was admitted to the hospital for a large kidney stone and infection
  • a sweet friend of mine has many family members going through sickness
  • Kate . . . she is seven years old and battling brain cancer
  • Three year old Autumn is sick with fever, cough and vomiting
  • Marsha, a long time friend of our family is not doing well and began having seizures
  • Lil' Priscilla born prematurely by two months and under three pounds
  • Baby Lisa that is still missing (Baby Lisa disappeared from her Kansas City home)
Isn't it wonderful that we can reach God any time of the day or night and NEVER get a busy signal?

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