Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have sat down to write this post many times, but the words wouldn't come together to convey my thoughts. Do you ever have days like that?

NEWS . . . whether it be local or national . . . it is depressing! I absolutely loathe hearing or reading the news . . . it is sure to put a "fog" in my day! Of course, much of what is considered "news" is not news at all, but opinion . . . another person's opinion.

In the whole scheme of things:

  • WHO CARES what So-n-So said to So-n-So!?!?!
  • WHO CARES what So-n-So wore to the coffee shop?
  • WHO CARE why So-n-So's teeth look horrific?
  • WHY is it news when two people are dating?
  • WHY is it news when a celebrity buys a house?
  • WHY is it news to report someone's sexual preference?
  • WHY is it trendy to have a baby?
What about reporting on news that REALLY matters?
  • HOW many children are without a home? and HOW we can help them!
  • HOW to help someone that is lonely or hurting!
  • HOW to protect your child from allergens when they are everywhere.
  • HOW about how to help your parent grow old gracefully?
  • Maybe we should be TEACHING parents how to provide for their families . . . there would be less stress in the home.
  • Teach how to LOVE others, show COMPASSION
  • Maybe an article or two on what a FRIEND truly is.
There are so many hurting people in this world! So many without the basic necessities in life. Babies and children with no hope of receiving a hug from a loving mommy or daddy . . . and we report on the ridiculous and unimportant. 

This morning alone, my prayer notebook  is filling with prayer requests of people that are hurting, sick, alone and grieving.

Little Rylynn just received a heart . . . her little body has been through so much, but the family is rejoicing that their little girl has a chance at life. 

Rylynn's heart was a gift from another family experiencing tragedy.

There are families who are enduring sickness . . . it is always awful when children are sick!

Baby Lisa continues to be missing . . . there is so much speculation and judgement as to where this precious baby is.

People out of work . . . 

Little ones that sit in orphanages . . . waiting to be chosen.

Our world is broken . . . we alone cannot fix it . . . but together we can make a HUGE difference!

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