Saturday, October 1, 2011

My list today is long, long, long. Having the kids home and not feeling the best left the house in a bit of . . . well, for lack of a better word . . . MESS.

I have experiences a lack of cooperation from three of my boys . . . instead of helping to tidy their rooms, they are helping to destroy Ryan's even more. My hubs is MIA . . . not really, but it seems as if. He has hidden himself in the basement . . . organizing tools. Katelyn has a hair appointment this morning and an art type commitment this afternoon.

I am currently eating a nice refreshing spring salad with turkey meatballs while I write. So far this morning much has been accomplished . . .

  • laundry was sorted and started, currently eight loads have been washed . . . I still have three or four to go
  • batteries were replaced in our candles - love lanterns on the porch ~ battery operated and auto turn on and off
  • did a few laminating chores ~ it is so worth having a small laminating machine in the house
  • filled out an order for each of the boys - sweatshirt and tshirt with the new school logo
  • filled out school picture forms and payments
I still have much to do . . .
  • tidy the main floor
  • tidy my desk ~ almost there
  • vacuum the main floor
  • mop the main floor
  • wipe the stairs
  • finish the laundry
many chores are in the works . . .

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