Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am thoroughly wiped out tonight . . .  after a very busy day at work, picking up the boys from school, being homework commando, making dinner and cleaning up, plus scrubbing the kitchen floor . . . I am exhausted!

Tomorrow is hair appointment day . . . Gonna wash that gray  white those roots right outta my hair! lol My stylist is awesome and really rocks! I love hair salon day!

I am letting the boys hair grow out from their summer cuts . . . no hair appointments for them tomorrow.

The kids brought home their school pictures home today and I must say they are better than they have had in a while. I bought the simple basic package . . . go figure. The boys got into the car after school and promptly told me they had their "license". They flashed their new school IDs that always come with the school photos. I assured them the cards were not driver's license cards, but identification cards, but they preferred to tease me and carry on about having a driver's license.

I have decided to learn how to knit . . . I found a youtube video all about knitting . . . and I actually understood what the girl was staying. Yep . . . I am going to make UGLY sweaters to give away as gifts! lol Not really . . . I just really want to learn how.

I recently switched the boys' bathroom from toddler toothpaste to Crest for Kids. The boys are thrilled and came into my room boasting "we used the toothpaste that fights cavities!" I thought it was really funny! Now if you wonder WHY I had not switched them previously . . . well I had tried previously, however my children were sucking the toothpaste out of the tube. Yes . . . you read that correctly. So, rather than having my children poisoned from too much fluoride, I chose to withhold the older kids toothpaste and simply purchased the toddler toothpaste. I know, I have strange kids!

At the orchard last week, we purchased pumpkin spice beans. Can I just say . . . YUMMY!?!?! Wow!

Katelyn has been drawing various projects for her college classes . . . Really out of the ordinary for her, but she has received quite a few great compliments on them.

First, a Burmese python skeleton. . . she named him Bertram.

and next . . . a piranha she named Herbert:

Herbert is extra credit.

This morning, my grade school principal Mrs. Ohlman passed away. Rest in Peace Mrs. Ohlman.


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His Doorkeeper said...

Julie, What a beautiful family you have! And your daughter has extraordinarily talented with her art! WOW!


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