Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today is PICTURE day at school . . . one of my boys is beginning to spend a lot of time in the bathroom and it was very evident this morning. As I entered the kitchen this morning, my oldest son ~ who shall remain nameless, asked me how his hair looked. Upon first glance, I noticed his hair appeared wet on top . . . I thought he simply wet it down to get it into place from bedhead. Then he asked me, "Mom, do you like the gel?" Of course, that got my attention right away! "Ummmmm, Where did you put the gel?" I cringed while waiting for him to respond. "All over the top of my hair." So, I touched it.

(insert cringing mom here)

He definitely applied himself some hair gel! Mom intervention!!! Over to the sink we went and I washed his hair thoroughly, dried and combed it out for him. He thanked me and quickly disappeared. I noticed he left the kitchen and called out to see where he went. "I am in the bathroom . . . combing my hair." Oh Dear . . . it has begun . . . Mom doesn't comb it the way he WANTS it combed. He walked out of the bathroom and asked me how it looked. I really wanted to tell him that I really liked it the way I combed it, however I held my tongue and instead said, "It looks nice."

My boy is growing up . . . 

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