Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grade Time Already?!?!

It is hard to believe that NINE weeks of school has already passed! Wow  . . .   before you know it, we will be into the New Year.

Report Cards came out yesterday . . . Results . . .

Cameron - Grade 3 -- Art O-, Bible A-, Choir O-, English B+, Math B+, Music O-, Penmanship S, Reading B+, Science A, Spelling A+

EJ - Grade 2 -- Art O-, Bible A+, Choir O-, Math A+, Music O-, Phonics A, Reading A-, Spelling A, Writing S+

Cody - Kindergarten -- Art O-, Bible A+, Math A+, Music S+, Phonics A+, Writing O-

Ryan - Grade 4 -- Art O-, Bible A, Choir O-, English B, History C, Math C+, Music S+, Penmanship S, Reading C+, Science C, Spelling B+

(O = outstanding, S = satisfactory, N = needs improvement)

I am thrilled with two of my boys' grades . . . however, I am NOT thrilled with Ryan's grades ~ he is simply not applying himself. He must get with the program . . . I know he can do it! Receiving notes from the teacher like . . .lack of neatness in schoolwork, lack of taking care of corrections, low quiz scores, poor answering of chapter questions and low test scores . . . simply not acceptable.

Katelyn has also received her first Report Card in College . . .

Drawing 1 - B, 2D Design A, English Composition B, Spanish A

Survey Art History - no grade has been posted yet.

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