Monday, October 17, 2011

Gifts for Kids

If you have read my blog for any length of time you are aware that I like things that are NOT ordinary! I like things totally out of the normal. Birthdays, Anniversary and Christmas gifts are no exception . . . I scour the internet for things NOT ordinary or normal . . . it is who I am and how I roll.

I know you are wondering . . . o.k., so where DO you shop? Well . . . if I told you that, I wouldn't be the only one with gifts that are the exception now, would I?

Got ya!
Unique Baby Gifts: I like to start with Sophie the Giraffe. Isn't she cute?

I found Sophie when my Cody was a baby . . . we still have Sophie. You can purchase Sophie on

Another favorite is the Ultimate Swaddle Blanket . . . also becoming more well known and more redily available . . .

Also available at . . .

Then I look to Hanna Andersson for some sweet little baby jammies . . . OUR FAVORITE jammies!!! Available at

For a yummy smelling baby we chose Noodle and Boo products . . . also available at

My absolute GO bum cream is PINXAV! When all else failed . . . it was our miracle! Would you believe has it as well? 

Toddler? - the toys are very sweet and well made.

There is the classic . . . Red Ryder Tricycle . . .


can purchase at

Another Great Gift idea that is a HUGE, HUGE hit with my kids . . .


available at


Now onto BOY stuff!

Our boys range in age from 9 down to 5 . . .
nice range

Shouldn't all little guys have a cool cowboy hat?

a little six shooter . . .

Depending on what you want to interest your little guy in . . . check by catagory at

they have a boy section and a girl section . . .

the boy section includes:

Over 960 adventure toys!
bows, arrows, knives; classic toys; detective; guns; How-to; kits; Lego Compatible Sets; living history;
military gear; outdoor adventure; science and technology; survival; swords; western gear

I want to encourage you to visit . . . toys to encourage our boys to be boys.

Of course, Lego is always a HUGE hit!

For the boy that is interested in science . . . Snap Circuits


Time for Girls . . .

Katelyn was really into things like American Girl and Lego.
She would have been into the girl toys at if I had known about them!

adventure; cowgirls; dolls; drawing; dresses & patterns; how-to; kitchen; kits; music; victory gardens; Grandfather's classic toys 

How cute is this little kitchen?

a sweet little peddle car


a little cowgirl outfit


The possibilities are endless. . .

They also need NOT cost an arm and a leg!

books, puzzles, blocks . . .

Use your imagination!

One year my sister made a little Inspector Gadget kit for my son that was really INTO Inspector Gadget phase . . . a box decorated with the Inspector Gadget photo laminated on the top, a magnifying glass, a play pocket knife, flashlight and I think a paper tablet and pencil.

How about a little painting kit for that little artist in your family? paper, paint and brushes or an art jar.

Dress ups, puzzles, dot to dots.

Books, books and more books are always a HUGE hit at our house.

My kids also love, love, love these little games:

Monster Doodles

and Math Dice

There are so many fun little bag/box type games . . . and


The crazy thing about kids . . . they love the craziest things!

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Marva said...

Thanks for the insight Julie. I was just thinking about what we were getting the boys this year for Christmas! This helps so much!

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