Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday night

My seven year old just crept down the stairs and tried to scare me. I didn't even hear him come down the stairs and I didn't see him . . . the lights are out and I am watching Criminal Minds.

We have all had a pretty good week . . . the boys have had good days at school and are doing their homework without much fuss.

The toy catalogs have been arriving in the mail . . . my boys are scouring each and every page. I have to smile as I see their eyes ight up when I hand them a catalog . . . especially Lego. I know I am really in trouble when they begin circling and writing their names near those "special/I want this" item.

The temperature has gotten cold and we experienced the first frost of the season. Cameron was excited to announce . . . "the ground is all white! this morning. As I write the temperature is 45 but feels like 40 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the upper sixties . . . a great day for the kids to play outside.

My little puppy Beckett is wearing her Chicago Bears TShirt tonight. She has been getting chilled and the shirts and puppy jammies have been keeping her warm. I hope to get a few pictures tomorrow. I also need to take some pictures of the kids.

Tomorrow is Apple Pie baking day . . . we have several requests for a pie. I am thrilled to be working with my girl . . . she totally rocks in the kitchen. I will also try to remember to post pictures tomorrow of the delicous masterpieces!

g'night all


Mimi said...

Julie, have a wonderful weekend!

tonya said...

Wow! It made me cold just to read your post! :o) The word "frost" did it to me, I think. Ha! We are warm here in SC.

Criminal Minds, darkness, a creeping litttle boy = pee in pants! Just kidding, BUT I used to watch Criminal Minds & it was one stinkin' creepy show! (Your post has given me all kinds of chills!) My MIL could never watch CM - it completely weirds her out!!

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