Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It is such a dreary and cold day . . . it is one of those days I don't feel like doing anything. 

However, there are THINGS that must be done.

So . . . 

I swept the porch.

Hung the Fall wreath . . . my wreath hanger did not fit in the door or outside the door . . .
which is how thing tend to go for me . . .
so, I used one of those Command strip hangers and a zip tie thingy.


The wreath is hung!

I LOVE all the beautiful colors!
I do miss my beautiful plants . . . the beautiful flowers and greenery stretching up to our large window.

I found this guy on etsy. . . . he is actually carved from a gourd.

Our canvas portrait of Kamie arrived yesterday.
It is amazing!

This is a memory box . . . I also purchased it on etsy.

I wanted a special box to put some of Kamie's things in.

Kamie's blanket, foot print, collar and tuft of hair in the purple velvet bag.

I decided to put the memory box in our library . . .


Today, I also laminated a few items, touched up the paint in our foyer and began cleaning off my desk again. Why is it everything seems to be tossed on my desk? Craziness!

I had a few thank you cards to get out and a few things to file away . . .

I still have a lot to do, but it is almost time to pick up the kids.

Guess I should get to it!

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