Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Photos, Bribery and Noise Putty

This afternoon was a bit cloudy and cool, but I took advantage of the day and took our furry babes outside to get a few Fall photos . . . they were less than thrilled!

Beckett and Mia

We also tried to get Emma in on the photos . . . she had other things on her mind.

I thought a photo would be cute with Beckett sitting on top of a bright orange pumpkin.
She didn't agree.

Of course, since I was outside taking photos . . . everyone else decided to head out as well.
Needless to say I was less than thrilled. Every time I tried to take a photo, someone was in the photo besides the dogs. I finally told everyone to go back in the house.

Our weekend has been pretty laid back . . .
the house only had little things that needed tended . . .
Katelyn and I were able to hide out upstairs in the sitting room and watch Forest Gump.
It was amazing and wonderful.

While Katelyn and I hid upstairs, Randy had the boys on the main floor . . .
they were watching a movie too . . . 
I bribed them by putting out a plate of Oreo cookies in the family room.
I know . . . I shouldn't bribe my children . . . but it worked!

We are certainly enjoying all of the beautiful Fall colors!
I REALLY enjoy taking evening walks together . . .
even though it is cool and the kids have coughs.

As I write, my five year old is using noise putty behind me . . .

Crazy little dude!
Noise putty . . . the perfect lil' thing to keep that boy busy.

The day is beginning to wind down . . .
school tomorrow for the kids
and work for Randy and I.

Should be a great week!

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