Monday, October 10, 2011


Fall . . . I absolutely love the beautiful colors, don't you?

This morning I changed up our table center piece . . . I didn't buy anything new, simply pulled it out of storage! That really makes me smile!

Our "Thanks" for gifts area . . .

The boys helped me out today . . . since they were home in observance of Columbus Day I had them help out. They ooo'd and ahhhh'd at the gourds, leaves and smelly good stuff!

Tomorrow, the boys will be back in school ~~ but Katelyn has another day off . . .
we plan to do the laundry and watch movies . . . ALL DAY!

There is plenty of coughing and sneezing going on in our house. I do believe we have all had a bout with the nasties now. We have a little choir of coughs going on . . . I feel bad for the kids . . . the cold is rough enough for adults, let alone a child.

The kids ran and played the late afternoon away as I watched them from my comfy chair on our deck.
I was also able to have a nice chat with my Mom . . .
which I love!

Before I knew it . . .
Randy was home from work and it was time to start dinner.

I love having a front porch!

I can't help but think back to a time when every house had a front porch . . .
a time when the neighbors all sat out in the evening . . .
enjoying each other and their own family.

Now days . . . neighbors keep to themselves.
They may or may not share a friendly "hello"  . . .
front porches come in an out of "fashion" . . .
wouldn't it be great if not only porches were in,
but being neighborly was in too???

My girls love to run and play outside. They chase one another all over . . . I didn't get this photo focused very well . . . they are really fast!

After dinner, I decided to head outside for a bit of alone time.
I wasn't really alone . . . Emma, Mia and Beckett joined me.
I started up a nice little fire and pulled up a chair.
I took my Bible out with me and had a little reading . . .
in the quiet and relaxing backyard.

Of course, it wasn't long before this guy joined me.
Seems I don't get far before the kids realize I am "missing".
Ryan found me ~ he actually realized I wasn't in the house within 15 minutes.

We hung out for a while . . . as darkness fell.

I enjoyed our time together.
Ryan is full of conversation . . . and questions.
The other night he asked me what this number was:

Of course, I had no idea . . .
so I asked my friends on Facebook.

I received several responses . . .
you will be amazed . . .
~ a really BIG number
~‎2.6x10^20 :)
~ ‎26 with 19 zeros after it
~ ‎26 quintillion?
~ ‎26 to the 19th power
~ Quintrillion!
~ A Googolplex is the highest number. But Woody said it best: "To infinity and beyond!"

The cool weather is lovely, especially when there is a lovely fire to keep you warm.


Natalie said...

JuJu-- you should be a Professional Decorator...with all your spare time ;) wink wink!!!! Beautiful home!

Kathy Hedges said...

The flames in your firepit look like they could be an angel if you use your imagination. :o)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

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