Friday, October 28, 2011

Everyone in our home had a great day today . . . such a great feeling to know everyone had a happy day.

This evening the boys and I headed out back to the patio by the lake and started up a wood fire. We swept up the leaves and added them to the fire and restacked the wood pile once again. Once it was dark, we had Daddy come out and join us for stories around the fire and song time. We started with some camp songs and would you believe we ended with Christmas carols? We had a wonderful time and the fire was wonderful and cozy! Which was great because it was very chilly out there!

As i write our little Beckett is plastered to me . . . she is such a Momma's girl and this Momma left her little Beckett in the house while we were down by the lake. Beckett was not thrilled and fussed quite a bit. Now . . . she is snuggling close. No, she is NOT spoiled . . . simply VERY LOVED!


An update on Prayer Requests . . .

Please continue to pray for Bruce. He was transferred to ICU during last night and is not doing well. He has been intubated and sedated. Please pray for Bruce and his family.

Pray for little Colton . . . he is battling leukemia. Colton is three years old.


Katelyn and I did not watch the World Series . . . are we naughty?

Tomorrow morning I think I will be able to sleep in . . . I hope, I hope, I hope!

Have a great sleep everyone!

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