Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day

Columbus Day = another day out of school for my kids, this being our third day off in a matter of a few weeks. This morning we are dressing the house a bit for Fall . . . so, up from storage comes pumpkins and gourds. The kids always enjoy seeing the change of decor and also love to help . . . sometimes a bit too much.

Yesterday we cleaned the upstairs . . . it took a while, but we finally finished it up. Today we took on cleaning out the dvd drawers and have a basket of videos to give away. We went through the coloring books and threw out the done ones. We also had some books for preschool and below that were barely used . . . they went into the give away box too. We worked hard on the main floor this morning . . . took care of those things that seem to linger around. We are almost done with that and will be heading outside.
It certainly feels good to get those little extras done!

Tomorrow I will be focusing all day on laundry . . . we have quite the piles! Sheets, throw rugs, jackets . . . and the regular day to day clothing.

Now, off to read a book while the kids play out back.

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Kathy Hedges said...

Julie, your flowers are outstanding! Enjoy these last days of fall. :o)

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