Thursday, October 6, 2011

a Birthday, Update and a Prayer Request

This morning the kids are rowdy and a bit out of control . . . definitely not a great start to the day. Constant reminders to get their shoes on, get their lunch in their lunch box, leave one another alone, stop arguing, don't touch one another, please obey, please get along, get out to the car, get moving.


Today is Emma's Birthday . . . she is 8 years old today. Happy Birthday Emma Elysse! We Love You!
The Happy Birthday song has already been sung and she has a yummy treat. I certainly hope she has a nice day!

Emma, Mia and Beckett all received new t-shirts that say, "My Mummy Loves Me!"

 Emma seems happy and has a smile! lol

The mail brought us a great surprise . . . BIRTH CERTIFICATES! The boys' official birth certificates complete with their full names and ours arrived! At the adoption hearing we were told to expect at least three months prior to receiving them. Nope . . . ONE month later . . . they arrived. Yesterday, I took the opportunity to head over to the Social Security office to get their updates to their social security number taken care of. Would you believe, there was not a wait? Not one person was there!!! Truly a miracle! The lady was extremely nice and was happy to process the changes for me. I was in an out of there within 20 minutes or so . . . and that was processing three children! Woo Hoo!

Please pray for little Rylynn, she is a sweet little two year old that is in surgery as I write, getting a new heart. Also, please pray for the family whose little one is now in the arms of Jesus! What a Selfless act . . . What a Precious Gift!

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