Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Beauty of the Day

Today was a beautiful day in our little corner of the world.

I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of God!

a few containers on our main floor deck

I love the colors in this container.

Randy and I enjoyed coffee on the deck this morning while watching the boys play in the backyard.
I could stay out there FOREVER!

Randy bought me these on our Anniversary.

Ryan is learning to throw a boomerang . . . Randy and Ryan went to an open area and practiced this morning . . . Ryan was doing pretty well . . . he even made the boomerang come back to him . . . Well, ALMOST all the way back to him!

Everyone laid down this afternoon for a rest. The cough, sneezing, headache virus has been traveling through our home . . . I thought a little rest may help everyone feel better.
I was thrilled the boys complied without too much effort.

After naps, Randy opened up the pool . . . the boys loved getting into the pool!
I am certain they appreciated the pool being heated . . .
it has been getting pretty chilly at night.

I loved hearing them splash and play . . .
they had a great time!

While the kids were swimming under the ever watchful eye of Daddy, Katelyn and I were inside putting dinner together. The house smelled so yummy!

cooked apple crumble for the boys

cooked apples and cherries for Katelyn, Randy and I

buffalo hot dogs for the boys

buffalo burger, onion and mushrooms on the grill for Katelyn, Randy and I
(totally a hit)

How did I make it? I defrosted ground buffalo burger and mixed it with chopped onion. I made patties out of the mixture and lay it on a bed of mushrooms. Wrapped it in aluminum foil and put it on the grill for about 18 minutes. Woo Hoo . . . yummy and so very easy to clean up!

The trees are changing . . . beautiful yellow, orange and red.
I love this time of year!

This evening was a bit quiet . . . everyone was ready for some down time.
Movies and hanging out.

Beautifully Fall . . . and Kamie's resting place.

Beckett and Mia were playing in the backyard while I was taking pictures.

The kids are out of school Monday . . . in observance of Columbus Day.
I hope to plan something special to do together.

Update on Rylynn . . . Her momma posted she is doing well and the docs are weaning her off of all mechanical equipment. She is now off of the ventilator. Please pray she continues to heal and her little body does not reject her new heart. This little girl has undergone a lot these past few day, but her parents are praising God for his goodness. Bless her little heart!

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Marva said...

Beautiful pictures! The dinner sounds devine! Kamie's resting place is very nice. I love ornamental cabbages and mums for fall! Just beautiful!

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