Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Why is it people don't see other people in need?

Why is it people try to keep their eyes straight ahead not even a slight look to either side or up for fear of making eye contact with someone that so desperately needs a friend?

My heart is weary tonight . . . there are so many people . . . family, friends, neighbors . . . even those we do not know . . . hurting.

Loneliness, illness, elderly . . . people you may see sitting in a chair in their front yard. Sitting there just for a chance . . . a chance to talk to someone.

People don't go out of their way to "DO"  for someone these days. Isn't that just plain awful?

There are so many ways to help someone . . . and it seriously does not take much time or effort, but the results may just make some one's day.
  1. Offer some help . . . mow their yard, rake leaves, get their paper and mail 
  2. Simply ask if you can sit and chat a while
  3. Maybe their eyesight has diminished . . . even a child can read to someone
  4. Offer to run to the store
  5. Maybe they would like to send out a card or two but their handwriting is illegible . . . offer a few minutes of your time to write out the card.
  6. Take a meal . . . not hard at all
  7. Send a card . . . just so they know you are thinking about them
  8. Pray for them
  9. Show them the love of Jesus
  10. Listen . . . the stories, memories
There are also children that are in need. Children all over the world are suffering . . . can we all try to help in some way or another?
  1. Check in with local agencies . . . maybe they have some children that need someone   . . .  someone to let them know they are special.
  2. Christmas is coming ~ there are many children that have no hope of a gift  . . . maybe you can help supply a gift
  3. Homeless or abandoned children . . . maybe you are that home they are waiting for.
  4. Orphanages and agencies are overflowing with children that WANT and NEED a Mom and Dad. Could you be the Mom or Dad they are waiting for?
Sure, it is easier to simply look away . . . but in your heart, you know the right thing to do. Step out of your comfort zone and be a BLESSING . . . just because!

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Leslie said...

What a beautiful post. I have been looking away far too long mysef. Thanks for the challenge.

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