Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby it is CHILLY outside this morning . . . 47 degrees, but feels like 43 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr
We have not turned on the furnace yet . . . but it won't be long now! lol
Temps are supposed to drop into the 30's by the end of next week.
Time to wash up the winter wear!

Yesterday I took the girls (dogs) for two walks . . . once in the morning and once in the evening. Cody went last night and even ran Emma a little . . . Emma was not thrilled and put on the breaks to let Cody know . . . enough is enough kid! lol My little ones rode in style in their puppy stroller. I rarely let them walk down sidewalks or paths . . . they are so little and I am afraid they will "catch" something from a larger animal ~ we have deer, raccoon, fox, etc. in our area.

Our chore load is light this weekend . . . of which I am thankful.
I would like to take the boys to get pumpkins this weekend . . . always a great opportunity for photos.
Cody wants to carve out the pumpkins this year, but I am leery as they don't last long after they are carved. Last year I had them draw on their pumpkin with permanent markers . . . that worked out well.

The kids wanted to play outside this morning . . . personally, I think they are CRAZY!
I am not even sure jackets are warm enough!
Those boys absolutely LOVE playing outside.


a few hours later . . .

Randy is off with two of the boys. Katelyn and I are heading to a pumpkin farm with the other two boys.
Guess I better get moving!

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