Sunday, October 30, 2011

900th Post ~

This is my 900th post . . . not too shabby if I do say so myself! 900 is quite a lot of sharing!

This weekend has flown by, seems like it just began. 
We were going to head out of town for a family drive and fun time today . . .
it rained and was cold and nasty.
Katelyn is sick with a cough, congestion and fever.
Three of the boys were coughing . . .
that is what I get for telling them we were having a family fun day.
(insert sad Momma face here)

Instead, we stayed home and enjoyed each other this morning and then took naps after lunch.
I worked on laundry . . . with only one washer working, this chore seemed endless ~ in fact, I still have another full day of laundry tomorrow ~ that is if I decide to stay home from work tomorrow.
We shall see.

Late this afternoon I went into the boys' rooms . . . we were out of hangers and so I needed to take summer shirts off of hangers and store them  . . .  which turned in to sorting their clothing, because they had them all messed up and organizing them. While all of the sorting was going on, I set aside clothing for Cody for next year and the ones we aren't keeping we will donate.  I went through Cody's closet as well and noticed I had clothing atop the shelf in his closet, so I pulled them down. They were last year's clothing and all had been outgrown but were still in good condition . . . more donations. 
All dresser drawers were tidied as well.
Whew, that was quite the job for a Sunday afternoon!

Cameron and Cody ran into the kitchen tonight and asked, "MOM, do YOU KNOW who won the World Series?" They really thought they had me on this one and was ready to push the newspaper up in my face. Yes, as a matter of fact I do, was my reply.
"Who?" they asked while chuckling to each other.
I smiled and said, "The Cardinals! "
They looked at one another in a bit of disbelief that I, their Mom (a girl) would know such information.
Then they said, "You are . . . . RIGHT!"
Goofy boys! lol

It never ceases to amaze me how I seem to be the only one that notices lights are on all over the house.
I tell you, it doesn't matter the time of day . . . the lights are on.
I make it a habit of turning off the lights and remarking to the boys that it sure would be nice if someone else would notice that a light needs turned off.
Well, we have been receiving these little "newsletters" from our utility company for the past several months that let each customer know where they stack up with energy usage compared to the neighbors.
Each time we get one of those little newsletters I flip out because they rate us much higher than our neighbors. Why they send these out, I do not know . . . because, of course we consume more energy in our home than in the homes of our neighbors! First of all, most of our neighbors are retired and only one or two live in each house . . . compared to the seven people, three dogs, three fish, two froggies and one FOUR lb guinea pig! Secondly, I doubt the neighbors are running two washers and dryers several times a week. Then there is the very large generator that takes a test run each and every week just in case our power goes out . . . it uses gas to run the entire house in the event we need it.
Anyway . . . I spoke to our entire family about the "energy consumption letter" and told them I would like to lower our energy consumption so we look better on the little graph we receive from the energy company. Of course, I figured what I was telling them would go in one ear and out the other just like with all kids, so I didn't expect much. Well, to my great surprise, one of my children has started going through the house after everyone to make sure the lights are all off if they are not needed!
That is such a blessing!!!
I am so proud of EJ!

So, we are making sure lights are off when not in use AND I have lowered our thermostat to 68 degrees.
The kids have remarked that it is a bit chilly in the house ~ when they are watching television, so I tell them . . . each of you have your own sleeping bag . . . you can go and get it to cover with OR I can find you something to do . . . keeping busy will also keep you warm!
The furry ones aren't enjoying the cooler temps . . . each time they find a blanket, towel, freshly washed and dried clothing (in piles as we are folding it) they snuggle right in. I can't tell you how many times I had to shoo them off of the laundry today! If they all snuggled together they would stay warmer!!!
68 degrees isn't THAT chilly . . . I know lots of people that set it even lower than that.

Where do you set your thermostat?


Cindy said...

900 ~~~ WOW ~ Congratulations!!!

Thermostat is set at 76 in the summer and OFF in the winter until it gets to 65 in the house then I will kick it on in the AM just to take the chill off!!!

Hope to read another 900:)

Patrice said...

Happy 900th post-a-versary....I think that sounds right...right?? Great achievement and I look forward to reading the next 900!!

My hubby likes our theremostat to hover around 72, I feel it is way to steamy at 72. Last night after hubby was soundly snoring I snuck out of the bed and put it at 67. That is the perfect for me. Of course in the morning he will push it back up to get the chill's a never ending battle! :o)

tonya said...

Ours was on 67, but I bumped it to 68 this morning.

I bit off more than I could chew when I accidentally started sorting my boys' clothes this week. Gracious, it is crazy how quickly they go through their stuff!! Feeling your pain. ;o)

Happy anniversary! 100 more & it will require a party! Ha!

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