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Anniversaries . . . 
October 2 marks the 29th Anniversary for Randy and I.

We were married on a beautiful Fall day.
The leaves were dressed in full magnificence . . . 
all reds, oranges and yellows, and they were beginning to fall to the ground.

I wore a beautiful white gown and veil that covered my face . . . a trend many brides don't choose today.
I also chose to wear white ballet slippers . . . comfy.
(plus I wasn't taller than Randy in flats!)
My Man . . . he was sporting all white as well . . . an all white tuxedo.
My colors were yellow and white . . .  which was VERY in at the time.

I have thought about it many times since that time . . .

If we were to go back to 1982, I would have chosen to jump outside the box and choose differently . . .

the wedding colors, NOT the man! I am not sure what I would have chosen instead, but I do know that the colors would not have been what was "in" at the time. 'Cause I am an outside the box kinda girl!

So many days have passed since that day . . .

10,592 Days

15,252,480 Minutes

915,148,800 Seconds

Yep, we are OLD! Well at least Randy is!

In true Unscripted fashion . . . 29 Memories/thoughts
  1. Babe . . . you make me laugh . . . especially in the middle of the night when you are so unsuspecting and step in doggie diarrhea (poor Kamie, rest in peace). Just hearing your response . . . OH MAAAAAN . . . that is NASTY . . . Poop between my toes!                                                                                                            Babe, I am still giggling at your expense, sorry!
  2. Watching you with our boys . . . teaching or telling them a story from "the old days" That makes me smile.
  3. Remember the mechanic years? You and I working side by side under a vehicle . . . I even had my own creeper thingy to lay on. No manicures back then!
  4. Thank you for teaching me what tools are AND how to use them!
  5. It seems so long ago . . . before kids . . . weekends out on the Illinois river traveling almost to St. Louis. I would pull you behind the boat as you were on the knee board . . . seems so long ago.
  6. We worked together really well . . . Making our first little house a home.
  7. You decided to make a big whirlpool hot tub . . . out of a shower insert. I wonder, do you think it would have actually worked had you decided to take it all the way to finished?
  8. I remember how sweet you looked the first time you saw our baby girl. You grinned ear to ear for days! Our first baby . . . Katelyn Elisabeth.
  9. I wanted a dog, but you always said no. You wanted a mig welder . . . hmmmmm ~ just in case you don't remember, I got a puppy! 
  10. We have had our share of struggles . . . I thank God above that He saw us through . . . by God's Grace we never gave up on anything . . . marriage, children or business.
  11. Our Blessings mounted . . . heading west for our baby boy and staying out there SIX weeks. You, Katelyn and I in a one bedroom extended stay hotel. We played a lot of goofy golf, didn't we? 
  12. I can still see you and Katelyn with our newest baby . . . Ryan Matthew . . . first looking through the window of the nursery and then in our own hospital room snuggling and talking to him.
  13. Knee surgeries . . . too many to count. You always were so determined to be back on your feet quickly.
  14. Two surprises from Heaven . . . Cameron Michael and Evan James . . . doubling our family overnight. I can still see you with Cameron in the Sears store, his first new pair of shoes . . . he loved them . . . even more than toys. 
  15. You are a great dad! I am thankful you are a dad that is interested in their lives and how they are raised! Thank you for being their Daddy!
  16. Your brain works like no other . . . you never cease to amaze me!
  17. I love that you love others . . . 
  18. I love that your heart can be sensitive!
  19. Our last surprise from Heaven arrived on a cold day in March . . . our youngest little guy is now five and very much a Daddy's boy . . . Cody Alexander
  20. I love fishing with you (and the boys) although I have to say, there is less chance of injury if the boys aren't fishing with us! Those flying hooks and fish . . . sheesh!
  21. Apple pies . . . you taught me to make my first apple pie . . . (remember at first I couldn't even make jello?)
  22. How about the time I made cucumber and onion for you . . . sorry for the straight vinegar!
  23. Our lives are never predictable . . . and you know what? I like that!
  24. I love that people can't figure us out! 'Cause we roll like that you know.
  25. I love that you are growing older gracefully . . . I love your graying hair.
  26. I love how we challenge each other . . . seeing who can choose the shortest route home . . . and then laugh at the LOSERS!
  27. Do you remember that we kept our top layer of cake? We saved it in our freezer to have at our FIRST Anniversary. It didn't keep well and was nasty!
  28. I love that you are a storm watcher! You crack me up!
Randy, you and I have a beautiful family! I love being your wife and the mother to our children! God truly smiled on our marriage!


Happy Anniversary!

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Marva said...

Happy Anniversary, you two!!!! Love you Juju!

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