Friday, September 30, 2011


The sun is setting . . . only a small bit of light remains, soon it will be completely dark. A few months ago, we would have had another two and a half hours before darkness . . . a sign Fall has arrived.

Katelyn was home this afternoon as her college schedule is light on Fridays. She decided she needed to bake a few batches of her yummy sugar cookies. They are awesome! However, I did not even snitch a little bit of dough . . . I stayed away from the kitchen, but enjoyed the yummy scent of sugar cookies lofting through our home.

Beckett, our little 3 lb wonder snagged herself some sugar cookie goodness . . .

Yes . . . the cookies is almost bigger than she is!
She carried the cookie around for a while before nibbling away at its yummy goodness.

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Leslie said...

Just enjoyed one of those yummy cookies myself. They are delicous and almost as sweet as your Katelyn. Looks like Beckett is enjoying it too. It's almost as big as he is.

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