Thursday, September 15, 2011


YEESH!!! This morning has NOT been a good one in our home . . . Cody woke shortly before 6:00 a.m. with a horrible cough. We got him a drink and a little Bronchial & Cough medicine. . . I thought he would lay back down after that. Boy did I think wrong! He wanted to head down to the main floor, so I told him o.k. and followed him down. I made him a cup of warm tea . . . he wouldn't even try it (it was even orange spice)! He continued to cough and work himself up into a tizzy . . . he began whining and fussing telling me over and over and over and over and over . . . well, you get the picture . . . "I don't feeeeel good!" I told him that I knew he didn't and I would like him to sip some warm tea as it would help him. Still, he wouldn't even try the tea. Instead, he continued to fuss and work himself up which ended in him being sick on the floor . . . twice. I tried to calm him down . . . I even called Randy to have him try to calm him over the telephone. The coughing continued. So, I brought out the "big guns"  . . . the nebulizer. Cody totally freaked! I literally had to chase him down . . . which I am sure was a sight as I was still in my jammies! I sat him on my lap and he continued to flail around . . . I asked him to calm down and just breathe . . . he covered his nose and mouth with his hand and would simply not cooperate! So, I did what any coffee deprived momma would do . . . I sent one of the boys downstairs to get sister up to help me! Katelyn came upstairs all blurry eyed and asked what was happening . . . once she saw the nebulizer, she knew. She helped hold his arms so I could get the nebulizer mask up to his nose and mouth. Within minutes he began to calm . . . both in cough and struggle. Finally, he relaxed enough that he offered to hold the mask himself and finished the treatment. The cough has calmed and he is now playing quietly.

Katelyn is taking the boys to school for me this morning . . . they were all ready to head out. Ryan has Bible quiz practice this morning, so they leave a few minutes early. I am excited that Ryan wanted to join the Bible Quiz team.

Mia, our Mi-Ki must be feeling a bit under the weather too . . . she simply wants to snuggle. Emma and Kamie are snuggled in blankets this morning while Beckett is all over checking things out and trying to get the girls to play.

I am on to my second cup of coffee . . . I don't think there is enough coffee in this world this morning! I have cleaned up two throw up messes and one old dog poopy mess . . . can I just say . . . I WANT MY MOM!!! Gonna be a rough day!

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