Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Whew . . . I FINALLY am sitting down! The day has been a l-o-n-g  one and I am wiped out! I am thankful for a bit of a break when Mom stopped by today . . . I love, love, love when she visits! I hope we can get together more often since the kids are all in school all day now. There really isn't anything quite as special as hanging out with your Momma when you are a Momma too, is there? Great conversation and fun while matching socks . . . and we have a TON of socks! Don't get me wrong . . . husband and wife is very special and so is Momma and child . . . but all three are different types of special! Aren't they?

Tonight my body is screaming at me . . . I think I did TOO much today. I began my day by starting up the laundry while my coffee was started. I checked in on my emails, facebook and blog while enjoying my yummy cup of bliss. Katelyn took the boys to school for me . . . and YES, I feel spoiled! After TWO cups of Bliss, I headed upstairs to deep clean our master bedroom . . . I opened up the windows, vacuumed the screens and the window treatments. Of course, I did all of the normal dusting too . . . I gotta tell you we had us a herd of dust bunnies. 'Don't you hate pulling out the dresser, chests, bed, night stands, chairs, etc? Well, I did it . . . and there they were trying to hide from me. I made sure to take care of all of them and then moved on to Cody's room after I picked the kids up from school. I striped Cody's bed sheets, blankets and pillow . . . all down to the laundry room and threw them in to wash. Back upstairs to remake the bed, dust the furniture, put away toys in their proper locations (great idea, huh?) and dust mop the floor (the bedrooms are all hardwood). The final area to clean today . . . the upstairs hall and I that got done too. I have to say, it feels great to have that much done . . . although I still have  my three other boys' bedrooms (two actual bedrooms) and two full bathrooms to deep clean. My boys are really rough on their bedrooms and although I have tried to teach them to keep them clean since they were old enough to put away toys in a toy bin . . . boys tend to ignore what Mom is trying to tell them. It is a very long and arduous process.

As I write, I am laying on our sectional, in the family room with little Beckett lying on my chest. I love snuggling with my little fur ball!


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