Friday, September 30, 2011

Whatever Your Day Holds

I apologize for my lack of posting these past few days . . . at least anything that translates into anything meaningful. The nasty of Fall  arrived in our house, resulting in coughing, snot and all that goes with it . . . of course just when you don't want the kids to share . . . they do! lol

This morning as I have my first cup of coffee, the kids are already at it . . . fussing with one another like crazy. It is time for full Sergeant Mom mode and promptly put a stop to it all. Although I wanted to have a really fun day, I don't feel up to getting out an about. Instead, we will remain home and enjoy the seclusion for the day.

Everything I do today . . . laundry, referee, tidy up . . . I want to do everything to THE GLORY OF GOD!

Steven Curtis Chapman sings Do Everything . . .

Regardless of what your day holds . . . DO IT TO THE GLORY OF GOD!

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