Friday, September 16, 2011

The Weekend Begins

The weekend begins . . . tonight we all joined together to watch the new release THOR. The kids weren't the only ones that were "into" the movie . . . Randy thoroughly enjoyed it too as did Katelyn. Having a house full of boys, Thor was right up their alley! Katelyn watched it too and was excited to see we were watching it together tonight.

The past two days I have been home with Cody as he has been a bit under the weather and has a cough. Yesterday he was quite a handfull, but today was much more calm and kept himself busy. I took full advantage of his cooperation and took care of filing at home . . . I have not been "in the mood"  to file for quite some time, which is totally unlike me to let something go undone for so long. Tonight I feel good . . . a sense of accomplishment!

The kids have all had their baths and are now down for the night . . . at least three of them are. Ryan is still up and of course, he is "starving" and having a snack. My boys seem to ALWAYS be hungry and I cannot even imagine how much food they will consume when they are teens.

Last week I was asked to make some yummy cake pops for the girls volleyball team. I made up one batch . . . two dozen cake pops. The cake pops were funfetti with yummy funfetti frosting mixed in. The cake/icing mixture was rolled into balls and put onto a lollipop stick and then dipped into white chocolate and topped with orange sprinkles. I wanted something pretty to put the pops in because they were going to have a little "auction" and the pops were going to be auctioned off. I remembered I had two Vera Bradley tins and some pretty ribbon . . . this was the end result.

I am looking forward to a relaxing Saturday . . . there are a few things we will be doing, but overall a relaxing day should be the plan of the day.

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