Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This morning I am taking the opportunity to UNWIND . . . there are days I feel wound tighter than a spool of thread . . . this morning I unwind. I am on cup of coffee number two and have gone through the Yankee Candle magazine, Answers Update from the Creation Museum and am just beginning to look through the Real Simple magazine. Now, before you begin to think I am a slacker . . . I have two loads of laundry washing and two loads drying. (just thought I should let you know)

Just a few things that I have learned this morning while reading Real Simple . . .

  • apparently, the most wearable trend right now is Native Americana.
  • The earth's population on October 31 as projected by the United Nations Population division will reach 7,000,000,000.
  • Sandpaper can be used for more than just sanding . . . try it for jar opening, grout cleaning, suede saver, knit depiller, sole scuffer and nail file
  • There is a new app that lets you know when to make a beeline for the bathroom during a movie without missing major plot points . . . it is call RUNPEE and is free, itunes.
  • Orange is back in . . .  for decorating
  • Real Simple also has a new book out . . . Dinner tonight: done . . . I just may have to check it out!
Well, coffee is done . . . I guess I should check in on my laundry and then clean our half bathrooms.

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