Friday, September 2, 2011

Today, September 2, 2011 was a very long awaited day in our home . . . the FINALIZATION of our three youngest boys' adoption. To say we are THRILLED barely touches the emotion we feel!  You see, SIX years, FIVE months and EIGHTEEN days ago two little boys dropped into our house from Heaven! Katelyn was 11 1/2 and Ryan was three when we brought Cameron and EJ home. Our children doubled in a matter of days.  One year later Cody was born and brought home at four days old. The years in between then and now have had their ups and downs . . . however, God was in control every step of the way! Today we are THANKFUL and we CELEBRATE . . .  Here are some photos from our morning:

Ryan on the way to school with his bugs in a jar.

This photo is after the Finalization Hearing. Cody, EJ and Cameron are in the front.
Me, Judge Purham and Randy are in the back.
The judge got tickled during the hearing . . . EJ and Cody started waving and smiling at him.

After the hearing we were waiting for our copies of the documents, the boys were examining the elevator buttons. I have to say . . . left to their own devices, the boys would have given the elevator a bit of a challenge.

The boys were doing a little celebrational jumping!!!

Boy shoes . . .

Cameron was excited . . . I hate that the flash glared in his glaces.

EJ was excited too . . . and was eating a life-saver.

HURRAY! Lovin' his smile!

Simply being boys . . .

What a group!!!

Cody looks so grown up!

Grandma and the boys with a Ya HOOO!


Cody decided to say the Pledge of Allegience!

After the hearing we took the boys for ice cream before they went back to school. Before the end of the school day 100 balloons were delivered to the school for the preschool through elementary kids in celebration of our VERY SPECIAL morning.

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Leslie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited the boys are yours now.

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