Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This morning as I write I am receiving puppy kisses from Beckett. She is a VERY loving puppy and definitely a Momma's girl and loves to snuggle, cuddle and just be held.

The long weekend has its good parts and not so good parts . . .  plenty of outside enjoyment for everyone. The boys got into the pool on Saturday and had a great time challenging one another. We also had movie time . . . although there were quite a few interruptions by our youngest.

One of my Aunts had a very scary incident that landed her in the Emergency Room. Numbness down one side of her body that lasted way too long. Praise God the diagnosis nothing devastating!

Yesterday we celebrated our great niece Keirah's 5th Birthday! A Fairy Birthday Party . . . so very cute and everyone had a great time.

The kids are off to school now and I am on cup of coffee number two. Each of my furry babes have had treats to enjoy already this morning. The silence is lovely this morning after such a busy weekend!

This morning I will place my monthly orders . . . alice.com, peanutfreeplanet.com and amazon.com. Shopping online with free shipping is awesome and really saves a ton of time . . . I loathe heading into a grocery store!

Well, the morning is passing quickly . . . I need to start laundry and clean the Master bedroom and bath.

Have a great day!!!

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