Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today, September 18 is our oldest son Ryan's 9th birthday! It is so crazy to think our little guy is NINE years old already!

To read Ryan's Birthday post from last year . . .  click HERE.

Ryan woke early this morning and was ready for the day to begin. As many of you know from reading this blog, I tend to shop online and boxes of goodies are delivered right to our door. Ryan loves to open the boxes to see what is inside . . . so needless to say, he already knew everything he was getting for his birthday. In fact, this year he knew where the big box of gifts was located and he looked through the box over and over dreaming about his gifts. I didn't even need to wrap them . . . which I don't mind doing, but it was easier for Ryan to simply rip apart the boxes without the paper getting in the way. He has been taking his time opening each box and enjoying each gift before opening another . . . maybe a sign of maturing?!

Ryan will have a Pizza birthday party next Saturday . . . he is inviting a few friends. Yummy pizza and ice cream birthday cake will be served.

I took a few photos this morning before my camera battery ran out:

I am sure you have noticed . . . his pj's don't match. I tell you . . . I match them up when I do the laundry, but he likes to mix them up when he wears them.

So far, he is enjoying is birthday . . .

Beckett posed a little for me this morning:

Beckett was sitting on my desk . . . she is ALWAYS with me if possible.
Her coat has lightened quite a bit . . . she is so pretty!

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