Friday, September 30, 2011

THAT is your square!

The boy (yes, I know I have four boys, but am only speaking of one right now) has gotten himself into trouble this morning . . . So, after getting chasing   him, I told him to SIT in the square! Yep, the boy has his OWN square . . . take a peek:

Using a tile as HIS square keeps him in a specific area . . . cause this boy doesn't seem to understand boundaries. This square sets that out for him . . . no questions asked. Well, that isn't quite right . . . I have had several questions:
When can I get outta this square?

Do I havta sleep in this square?

Why do I have to sit in this square?

What happens if my body goes outside of the square?

So far, he believes it is in his best interest to remain inside the square . . . Until Mom says so!

So . . . I can't cross ALL FOUR of THESE lines!

What about MY shadow?

What if my shadow gets out of the square?

Can I interject a YIKES?!?!!?!?!

Of course, the boy has plenty to do in the square . . . 
don't all boys tend to find things to do even when they are in trouble?  

Oh to live in the mind of a boy!
(or maybe not!)

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