Sunday, September 4, 2011


What a lovely day today has been! The temperature was cool and enjoyable with a gorgeous breeze. We opened up the entire house and let some fresh air in . . . don't you just hate having the windows all closed up when it is HOT? I love hearing the birds, my wind chimes, the laughs of our kids playing outside and the rest of nature as it lives each day!

Yesterday we received some beautiful flowers and balloons in celebration of Our Adoption Day! 
Thanks Mark and Lisa!!!
They are absolutely beautiful!
Take a look . . .

Cody was busy looking through some of his Shutterfly books. Each of the kids have several . . . birthdays and other special events. The book he is looking at in the picture is his alphabet book.
All the kids love their special books!

I purchased some new wall decor . . .


They were placed on the back wall of our kitchen . . .
I LOVE them!

The lighting was a bit strange in this photo . . . but you get the idea!

 I also accomplished a little Fall decorating . . . 

I really love Fall colors and the change up from the spring and summer decor.

As I write tonight my little Beckett girl snuggles between my arms snuggled in her blanket. 

Time to get a bite to eat . . . everyone else has already had dinner.

Have a lovely night and great day tomorrow!

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Marva said...

Beautiful pics! Love the new wall decor! Congrats to you all on the finalization!!!! God is so good!!!

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