Monday, September 19, 2011


Today our hearts are heavy and hurting . . . this morning our precious Sheltie Kamie went to sleep for the last time. I was with her . . . holding her head, sobbing while I talked to her for the last time. For the last 12 1/2 years Kamie has been our constant loyal companion and friend. She was beautiful.

Katelyn received Kamie as a gift when she graduated from kindergarten. I remember the day we picked her up . . . a little fluff ball.

Kamie wanted nothing more than to be with her people . . . she was wherever we were in the house or outside. She loved to run behind the boys and keep them under control. Kamie always let them know they were close to crossing "the line" and would bark at them. If they didn't heed her warning, she would nip at their behind ~ just enough to get their attention.

In the evening, Kamie would cuddle on the floor next to my feet or lay just below me when I lay on the couch. She was always close by.

When the kids went out to swim, she was ALWAYS there. She barked and circled the pool . . . all the while making sure the kids were safe. She reminded me of the dog on Peter Pan . . . her name was Nana and she too took care of the kids.

There will never be another Kamie . . .

Kamie Girl, you will always be in our hearts . . .
We Love You and are Thankful for the Memories!
We will never stop missing you!

Rest in Peace Sweet Girl!


Mimi said...

I am so sorry to hear of Kamie's passing.
My prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Marva said...

So sorry, Julie! Love and prayers to you all!

jennifer said...

She was so beautiful! What wonderful pictures. Wasn't Kamie lucky to have a family that loved her the way that you all do.

Julie said...

She had a beautiful and loving life . . . we were all blessed to be able to share life with her for 12 1/2 years!

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