Monday, September 12, 2011

He was SO Brave!

Our five year old Cody was diagnosed with a Peanut allergy at the age of one year. At that time, the Dr. advised we keep him from all peanut, tree nuts and coconut. We were told to have Cody retested after the age of three years. We were a bit skiddish about having him go through allergy testing until he turned five.

Today, Cody and I headed to the Allergy Doctor . . . for skin prick testing. Cody remained completely calm and sat on my lap as the nurse wiped his back with alcohol and then began writing numbers and letters for reference to each skin prick . . . 16 in all. Immediately the skin pricked with the peanut allergen began swelling. The nurse told us the testing would take twenty minutes before the results were read  . . .  the peanut prick only needed seconds as Cody's skin immediately produced a "wheal". I took a photo of his poor little back during the testing . . .

as you can see, the "wheal" at number 5 is HUGE  . . .  especially when only a tiny pin prick was done. You can see how tiny the pin prick was on many of the other areas . . . there were 16 in all.

The Dr. came back in after the timer sounded and was amazed at the size of the wheal for the peanut prick. He immediately told us the peanut allergy was definitely severe and an Epi pen should always be close at hand in the event of accidental peanut exposure/ingestion. The allergy is so severe the possibility of anaphylaxis is a very real possibility if Cody were to ingest peanut.

We are thankful the other 15 skin pricks were negative.

The doc applied cream twice to the inflamed peanut prick to help relieve the symptoms.

I was so proud of my little guy . . . he was so brave during the testing!


Mimi said...
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Lindsay said...

Awww, he is a brave little guy. I don't like going through it as an adult. For me, it's more emotionally difficult than physically difficult, but being pricked is never fun. And I bet it's hard on a mama too. Hang in there! :)

Marva said...

Cody is so brave! Glad you know!

The Whitakers said...

Oh Julie, I bet even the thought of testing him scared you to death. He's brave for doing it too. I am thankful he can use the epi pen to help him in an emergency. And that God knows and will be with him everyday. Love you guys, the Whitakers

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