Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was Ryan's all BOY Star Wars Party.
Three Guests + Three Brothers + One Birthday Boy + One Uncle Sam =
a REALLY fun party!

 Pizza, Soda and Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream Birthday Cake!

Their treat boxes contained a whole lotta fun . . .
Stickers, a Glow Stick, Pop Rocks Sucker, Great Bouncy Ball and NOISE putty!

Everything a BOY loves!

as you can see, they were ALL BOY!!!

 EJ misplaced his ball . . . in the neighbors yard. Hmmmmm . . . misplaced, Really?

 Guess what Cody's Favorite was???? NOISE putty!
 I love seeing ALL smiles!

The boys and their bouncy balls were everywhere!

 It was really hard to get everyone in the photo - plus get it focused! Oh Well . . . Life with Boys is pretty much a big ole blur anyway! lol


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