Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Catch Up

Today was the last day for Mrs. S to be with the boys . . . School begins in a week and a half. We will certainly miss Mrs. S several days a week . . . the boys absolutely love being with her. Randy and I can go to work and not worry about the boys. 

I won't be going into the office the remainder of this week or any of next week. I am thankful I have the ability to work from home so I don't get behind.

We introduced our boys to Dennis the Menace (the television series) and they absolutely LOVE it! We have watched season 1 and have begun season 2. The boys laugh at the silliness and it gives me a little glimpse of the way little boy brains worked in the 60's. Questions have arisen as to why words or phrases are used . . . "jeepers" "golly" "great scott" "swell" . . . I actually prefer those words to some that we hear today. I explained that was simply how people talked then.

Do any of your children ask you the same question over and over and over? Do you find yourself exhausted from explaining WHY your kids cannot do something? Our house has those questions reverberating from the walls. My kids have been challenging me with these and are getting worse and worse. Why do they insist on challenging me at every turn? 

I was reading a blog today and she was asking the same thing! She has instituted Philippians 2:14 into place in her home . . . "Do everything without grumbling or arguing".  Not only should I not allow my children to grumble or argue with me . . . I should not grumble or argue with them. I also want them to acknowledge the answer I gave them. If they continue to ask, fuss or whine at me . . . they will receive a consequence. I do believe I have some tedious work ahead of me.

As most of you know, I take two of my furry babies into the office with me . . . I took this picture on Monday with my cell phone:

Mia is on the left and Beckett is on the right.
They are such good girls.

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Marva said...

Our boys do the same thing. It is oh so tiring. I completely understand! ;)

That is a great pic and Mia and Beckett! I hope Beckett's leg is much better! Blessings!

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